Marvin Roesch and the Vogel relatives

The Vogel relatives

Marvin Roesch, seated second from right, and all of the Vogel relatives on Nov. 4, 2012.

Marvin Roesch, seated second from right, welcomed all of his Vogel relatives to the Arnold Historical Society Museum on Sunday, Nov. 4. Marvin recounted the entire Vogel family genealogy from their home in Baden, Germany in 1852 to arriving in America the second time to stay in 1854. The first boat arrived in New York during a cholera epidemic and the youngest daughter, Francisca, died. So the family return to Baden.

The second time they arrived by steamboat to New Orleans, purchased some land in St. Louis, and finally drove by horse and wagon to Jefferson County where they purchased 100 acres on Old Lemay Ferry Road just west of Maxville. The home they built out of logs still stands today.

Marvin presented a picture of his great-great Grandfather, Charles Karl Vogel, to Bernie Wilde, president of the Arnold Historical Society. The 12X16 picture is held by Terry Roesch. Charles Karl Vogel enlisted in the Union Army and was assigned to the 4th Regiment Missouri Calvary. He mustered out of the Union Army on November 30, 1865 in New Orleans. The event was videotaped and will be available on DVD.

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7 Responses to Marvin Roesch and the Vogel relatives

  1. R.Anthony Witzig says:

    A deceased relative, (by marriage), of mine, by the name of Gustave M Vogel, once owned many acres along lemay ferry road as with richardson road, parallel of southbound hwy 55,,, He was very instumental in developing many homes along and off richardson road, as with maintaining, Vogel Trailer Park, located at the corner of Lemay Ferry road and Monte Bello road,,,, The trailer park now known as, Monte Bello Trailor Park

  2. Racheal Vogel says:

    Is there anyway to get the names of all the people listed ?
    This is my husbands family

    • Bernie Wilde says:

      I will try to get all of the names. I know Marvin’s son, Terry, is standing at the right side. I just sent him an e-mail asking for the names.

      How is your husband related to this group? I’m sure Terry will be asking the same question.

  3. Bernie Wilde says:

    I would like your e-mail address. I found the original pictures of Marvin Roesch with all the relatives. And I found the original pictures used in the calendar which I can just send to you.

    Still will try to get the names of all the people in the picture but I have handymen working in the house today so need to stay put.

  4. Dave Vogel says:

    Charles Vogel was my Great Great Grandfather. My Dad Roy Vogel lived on the farm on old Lemay Ferry rd. My Grandfather Emil Vogel, sold the farm in the 1950’s to the Hopmeier family. As far as I know, the Hopmeier family still owns the farm. The picture that was in this newsletter, no longer shows up on this link. I was present at the Arnold Historical society when Marvin Roesch held this event. I believe I am in that picture, and would love to have a copy if possible. Thank you, Dave Vogel 314-482-4998

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