Louisa Frederitzi Cody Birthday Party Postponed…

We have decided to postpone Louisa’s May 23rd birthday party for the foreseeable future given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch our Facebook page for a new date…

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1 Response to Louisa Frederitzi Cody Birthday Party Postponed…

  1. MrsD says:

    You-all, I am not related to the Codys, as are so many people posting here, but I feel a connection nonetheless, for several reasons. Recently my husband and I were at the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody Wyoming, and I was fascinated with Mrs. Cody’s little antique treadle sewing machine. It is a Willcox-Gibbs model, something I’d never seen before. Well! A week later, in a second-hand store in Montana, we found another Willcox-Gibbs treadle machine, just like Louisa’s….and it was for sale, and we bought it! She and I do share a birthday, I am also of French descent, and I am Catholic. So, I am fascinated by this woman’s story as well. Thanks for all you do to preserve her history.

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