Historic Arnold Book Signing

In 2005, the writers of the Historic Arnold book gathered at the rec center to sign copies of their book.  It was developed in 1976 in honor of the country’s bicentennial.  Approximately 200 copies were printed.  In 2005, AHS received permission to reprint the book, and made a large batch of books.  AHS continues to sell copies of these books every month for a $20 donation.

Check out Mayor Powell (left) and five of the original writers at the book signing in 2005:

4 Responses to Historic Arnold Book Signing

  1. Those in the photo from the left- Former mayor Powell, not wone of the authors, then Warren Flantz, Walter Taliaferro, Loraine Mall, Frank Pointer, and Jim Waldropo. Note- of the authors, only Flantz and Taliaferro are still living.

  2. ahs says:

    You are right: The Mayor at that time joined the authors who were livign at that time. As of Nov. 14, 2012 only Warren Pflantz and Walter Taliaferro are still living.

  3. Donald says:

    Can someone please give me Historical information on the Twin Pools that were just past the Meremac River on Telegraph?

  4. Bob says:

    I want to know who was “Jersey” -The bizarre attendant of Arnold Park. His real name, where was he from originally?, etc. I lived in Arnold from 72-80 and he was there all that time. I understand he died from/in a hold up at his residence years later after he was moved out of Arnold Park.

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