1963 Arnold Map


1963 Arnold Planned Progress Council Map

This map was prepared in 1963 by the Arnold Planned Progress Council. Boyd Mills, Public Works Director was the Land Surveyor. Other members of the Council were: William Wingbermuehle, Chair; Ray Baum, Postmaster; Charles Lawrence, Secretary of the School Board; Peanuts Freeman, Democratic Committee Chair and many others. The map is on display in the AHS Museum.

2 Responses to 1963 Arnold Map

  1. Mark Ruffin says:

    Googled “Old Arnold, Mo. Photographs” and seen Frederitzi’s Hall.
    I was born in 1961 and have lived In Arnold my whole life.
    I can remember when my dad told me (the day after It happened), he said
    It was a big orange glow In the sky the night Frederitzi’s hall burned down.
    I think I was around 5 or 6 years old, which would of been 1966/1967.
    I live right by the Rock Community Ambulance house.
    I could not find any information on that, or what year it was when It burned.

  2. Bernie Wilde says:

    That guess of 1966/67 is about right. I think the only way to confirm that is to visit the Northwest Public Library on Hwy pp and 30. They have many of the old newspapers and there had to be a story written about such a famous landmark.

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