1898 Maxville Postcard

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  1. Diann (Mayer) Gaines says:

    This is a picture of Immaculate Conception Church. The “Priests’ House” is next to it and the original school is the building across the street. Maxville and Arnold became known, after awhile, as Arnold. Beck, located in the Richardson Road area, (starting by St. John’s Lutheran Church), also became a part of Arnold. The town was named after Maxwell Arnold, my Great, Great Uncle.

  2. Bernie Wilde says:

    According to the book “History of Arnold, Maxville was named after Maximillian Stengele who in 1873 operated the first business: a general store. Max was also a Justice of the Peace. Max’s great great granddaughter, Theresa Randazzo, is a member of the Arnold Historical Society. Theresa is 88 and a lively, jovial person. the Arnold family lived further east of Immaculate Conception. Three of the Louis Arnold grandchildren are still alive: Eldred now 97, Dorothy now 94 and Louis 85. They frequently tell the stories of their grandparents, Louis and Herlanda and all of the land they owned near Jeffco and Church Road. The City of Arnold also has one family left in the town of Tenbrook, two families in the town of Wickes. Flamm City only has a boat ramp left. All six towns were incorporated into the city of Arnold.

    Immaculate Conception celebrates its’ 175th anniversary this year. The new VFW across the street is celebrating 75 years on Feb. 28. At last night’s meeting, a “uniform” from the early days of the Ladies Auxiliary was shown. It belonged to Dorothy Mayer, wife of Harold T. Mayer who was a Commander at one time.

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