Heritage House Tour Wrap-Up

Sunday afternoon, Sept. 30, the weather was perfect for visiting the 100 year old houses in Arnold.

The 108 year old home of Michelle McNeill, built by Wm Frederitzi, was a work of art. Taking the two small rooms that existed, the former owner had added a kitchen so that provided more room. Tastefully decorated, it was easy to imagine how the first owners lived.

The Marvin and Esther Keller home, the only living residents in Beck, MO, offered insight into how to make four small rooms work for a family. Esther had her 50th Anniversary pillows and a 50th Anniversary quilt on display. Marvin had old pictures of former neighbors in Beck, MO and what St. John’s Lutheran Church looked like before adding the large atrium.

On to the former Ben Mayer home.  Here the dark wood floor and doors stood out in the Sears Prefab house built in 1925.  It’s easy to see how this structure would work for a small business – the home now houses the First Impression t-shirt business.

The old Soulard School was also open, thanks to June Balajka. Soulard School was built in 1905 at a cost of $2,000.  Now the building houses businesses.  The Arnold Historical Society Museum has a graduation service folder from 1906 from this school where Harry Frederitzi was the school board president for many years.

Unfortunately, two homes cancelled–one was the old Marx home on Old Lemay Ferry Road which was sold on Friday. This was very disappointing to one large group of Marx descendants which brought great-granddaughter, Pauline Lang, to see her Grandpa’s old house one more time.  The other home that cancelled on Friday afternoon was the old Mette house on Tenbrook Road.

While our new Tour was fun, the Museum Board will be evaluating how to improve the tour in future years. 


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  1. Jerry Tiefenbrunn says:

    Do you know if any of the brick houses built by the Tiefenbrunn’s still stand? I know my grandfather “Raymond’s” is now a Vet Hospital.

    I was told there is still one built by my great grandfather on Tenbrook?

    I live in Virginia and periodically visit St. Louis to see my brothers and will make an effort to stop by your museum

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