Grand Opening Aug. 11

This was an outstanding event for the entire Arnold Community! Perfect weather! Great music by Calvey Creek Bluegrass, C.T. Givens & The Retirees, and Rich Kraus.

A 1925 Model T Coupe and a 1928 Chevy Coupe were displayed the entire day.  Nearby was Roy Wilde with his 1957 Chevy Truck loaded with watermelons.  John McNeill and Scott Owen bbq’ed hot dogs.  Everyone enjoyed soda and water. But most of all, everyone commented about the fantastic displays in all of the rooms, each named for one of the villages that created Arnold 40 years ago.  

Mayor Ron Counts was amazed at the amount of arrowheads on display in the Arnold Room.   Council woman Doris Borgelt watched a video of Arnold Senior Citizens describing their younger years in this area.  Non-member Jean Huigh Kilper monitored the Tenbrook room which is full of military displays.  Sandy Byrne met each person as they entered the Maxville Room.  And President of the Arnold Historical Society welcomed Laura Bequette, a member from the newly formed DeSoto Historical Society and Linda Hartsook from the  Kimmswick Historical Society.

This was the beginning of displaying all of the artifacts accummulated so far and marks the completion of seven months of rehabbing the entire building.


Representatives from both DeSoto’s and Kimmswick’s Historical Societies came by for support and ideas.

Bernie/Arnold, Laura/DeSoto, Linda/Kimmswick, Sandy/Arnold

Bernie Wilde, Pres. of the Arnold Historical Society, Laura Bequette of the newly formed DeSoto Historical Society, Linda Hartsook of the Kimmswick Historical Society and Sandy Byrne of the Arnold Historical Society meet in the Maxville Room of the new museum.


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  1. ahs says:

    It is lovely and a joy to remember what we all grew up with.

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