Lone Dell School District #11

The actual beginning of Lone Dell School is unknown, but a Margaret Ulrich and Frederick Vogel are known to have grown up in the area and attended the school in the 1870s. It is noted that the school year was only three months at that time. The school was originally known as Spitz School, named after the Robert Spitz family who donated the school property to the district. For unknown reasons, the name of the school was changed sometime after 1918. The school was located on Lone Dell School Road.

     The school property was surrounded by a creek on three sides and a spring on the other by a large oak tree.  Students had to go through the creek to get to the school, but the creek was usually dry except in the springtime. The school was never known to have experienced a flood.

     A 1927 news article stated that a wonderful spring of clear water — pure and health-giving-gushes from a vine clad hill about 50 feet from the school house door. Students usually laid on their stomachs to get a drink of the cold, clear water.

     The school closed in 1948 when the Fox Consolidated School District formed. The property was returned to heirs of the original Spitz family as was stipulated in the old deed. The original Lone Dell School was eventually torn down.

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  1. Betty fleischmann smith says:

    What year was the lone dell school house torn down ? Did anyone ever live in it as rental in 1957 if so who? Did a mary fleischmann age 2 fall in creek and have to be rescued ? Did her father turn the school house in to a 3 bed room house ?

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