Fox C-6 School District 1948-1959

The community no longer had the children of our area attending five different schools (Bowen, Lone Dell, Saline, Seckman, and Soulard), but all children would attend school at one new modern brick facility. The original Fox School which still stands today, is currently the home of Fox Middle School. Students rode to school in one of three busses owned by the district.

     Prior to 1955, there was no local high school in the Arnold community.  Area high school students chose to either attend Herculaneum or Crystal City High School located approximately 15 miles south of the Arnold area. One school bus, driven by Mr. “Dutch” Roesch, transported students to the schools that they selected.  In 1955, the Fox C-6 School District established a high school by adding a freshman class to its Kindergarten through Eighth Grade format. The previous year eighth grade students at Fox, along with the eighth grade graduates of Immaculate Conception Catholic School and St. John’s Lutheran School formed the first freshman class.  In the succeeding years, the sophomore class was added in 1956, the junior class was added in 1957, and by 1958, the four-year high school program was complete. The first Senior Class in the history of Fox High school graduated on May 19, 1959. A total of 58 seniors had the honor of being members of that class of graduates. There was great celebration in the community and the event received considerable coverage by the press in the area.

     When consoliaton was being discussed, records show that Mr. Charles Fox sold the land on which the original Fox School building was constructed to the proposed school district. The district and the original school building are named in his honor. Since the five original schools were no longer being used, playground equipment was obtained from each of the schools. The flagpole that stood in front of the new school building originally came from the Saline School site. The old school sites were sold and eventually became private homes, places of business, or were torn down.

      In 1948, there was an enrollment count of 255 students (K-8) in the district. Today, the enrollment has grown to approximately 11,500 students (K-12). In 1948, five schools merged into one and there was one building. Today, there are 10 elementary schools serving the community — Antonia, Fox, George Guffey, Clyde Hamrick, Ray and Nancy Hodge, Meramec Heights, Rockport Heights, Seckman, Sherwood, and Richard Simpson Elementary. There are three middle schools — Fox, Ridgewood, and Seckman Middle School, and two senior high schools, Fox Senior and Seckman High School.

     It is interesting to note that the original concept of consolidating all the elementary schools into one school back in 1948 has now resulted into twice as many separate elementary schools spread throughout the district. The number of junior and senior high schools has also increased. As for transportation, the district is now served by 112 school busses. Through the years Arnold has changed from a rural farming community to an incorporated city, and the district includes a large unincorporated area of Imperial.  As the population grows, so does the Fox School District.

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  1. Jackie Howell says:

    Kindergarten was actually added in January 1968. The Fox C-6 District took over the existing private Kindergartens at that time. James Rickman was the superintendent at the time.

  2. Mike Rice says:

    I am a 1985 graduate of Fox and my parents were in the first graduating class in 1959. My mom was the first Valedictorian at Fox and she still resides in Arnold.

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