AHS Quilt Block selected for the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt!

AHS Quilt Block Submission

The AHS quilt block has been selected for the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt.

The judging committee – composed of Missouri Star Quilt Company’s In-Town Education program manager, Missouri State Quilters Guild president, and the State Historical Society of Missouri associate director – has made final selections, and the AHS block has been chosen for inclusion in the final quilt.

The Missouri Bicentennial Quilt will premiere on Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 2:00 pm at the Missouri Governor’s Mansion.

All submissions for the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt will be available for viewing on the Missouri 2021 website through the end of 2021.

67,000 stitches were needed to create the quilt square for Jefferson County for the Missouri Bicentennial quilt to be traveling the state. The other 113 counties needed to show their completed design by Sept 1.

Our own Allen Flamm drew the picture and Patti Allen of St. John’s Lutheran Church quilted the piece.

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2 Responses to AHS Quilt Block selected for the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt!

  1. Judy West says:

    Congratulations AHS on being chosen for this great honor! Thanks to Allen Flamm for a winning design and Patti Allen for her time and talent to stitch this beautiful piece!

  2. Mindy Hudson says:

    This is beautiful! Congratulations! And what a wonderful representation of Jefferson County.

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