1922 New Year’s Day

Charles Croy Nahlik has provided a beautiful photo of more of Arnold’s historic residents.

This photo is of Harry Frederitizi (seated) and his second wife, Lulu. Harry was a Justice of the Peace for Arnold, and is Charles’ grandfather. The man standing is Michael Vogel, and he is Lulu’s nephew. The woman standing is Verna, but we aren’t sure of her last name.

This photo was taken January 1, 1922, at the dawn of a new year.

In the prior month, on Dec 1, 1st US helium-filled dirigible makes 1st flight. And Dec 4, American Professional Football Association Championship, Cubs Park, Chicago: Chicago Staleys beat Buffalo All-Americans, 10-7 in de facto championship game after teams tied in standings.

The Roaring 20’s had barely begun, and WWII was still a long way off.

If you have more info about the photo, please comment below, or contact the AHS Museum.

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  1. Sandy Byrne says:

    This is what I love to read and see. Good find.

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