New Safety Mirror at Richardson Cemetery!

The road out of Richardson Cemetery has been a safety hazard for drivers….until now.  Five years ago, Bernie asked the City of Arnold to provide a roadside mirror to provide safety for everyone; from Boy Scouts who mow the lawn twice a month, to classes Robin Hanson conducts, to Ridgewood Middle School students who come out to help each year, and many visitors to take care of their ancestors gravestones.  This year, Ed Blattner came to the cemetery and saw first-hand how dangerous it is to exit the cemetery.  Now, with a mirror that shows traffic coming from the West on Richardson Road, the visitors can look straight ahead at the mirror. No more guessing whether it is safe to come out of the cemetery driveway.   Thanks to the City for installing a mirror to promote safety in this area.   (July, 2013)

Richardson Cem Safety Mirror Install

Richardson Cem Safety Mirror

Richardson Cem Safety Mirror


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