2016 Fall Trivia Night – Have you signed up?

2016 Fall Trivia Night
SATURDAY, November 5
St. John’s Lutheran – School Gym
3511 Jeffco Blvd., Arnold, MO

Need details?  Check out the newest flyer!

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Arnold Days Float 2016

Check out the AHS Float this year at the Arnold Days Parade!  The jeep was in the D day invasion of Normandy in 1944.  Thanks to the team that created this great float for AHS.

The Society received third place for the float and will receive $200.


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The Early Food Processors

IMG_2080There is a new bit of history at the museum – potato mashers!

Before wire whisks or food processors, a favorite mealtime staple, mashed potatoes, were painstakingly prepared by hand.

A wooden implement of numerous designs, some were quite primitive.  Some were made on a wood-turning lathe, and graced many old-time kitchen shelves.

Once the potatoes were peeled and cooked, they were placed in a cooking pot or large bowl and hand-mashed with these crude instruments.

Other wooden utensils on display are butter molds, butter paddles, spoons (some with holes), meat-turning fork, vegetable slicer, salad tongs, Springerle cookie rollers, a noodle roller, flour scoop, and a pie-docking roller.

This collection of potato mashers was assembled by the late Ella (Reiter) Flamm (1916 – 2005) and displayed in the kitchen of her home along Telegraph Road, in Arnold, for many years.

This collection is now on loan to the Arnold Historical Museum by Barbara Berry of Imperial.  It will be on display until September 30th.

Story by Allen Flamm

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June Newsletter published

The June newsletter has just been published!  Check out all of the latest AHS news with a quick click here.

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Civil War Reenactors to present at June 6 AHS Meeting

Arnold Historical Society will host a Civil War program Monday, June 6, 2016 at 7 pm at 1723 Jeffco Blvd, Arnold.

Reenactors Larry McDaniel and Mike Rivera from Company K, Small Artillery Group will wear and explain all parts of their Union uniform and its accouterments (canteen, knife, comb etc.). Civil War weapons muskets, rifles, hand gun and even cannons will be explained and some on display.

Enjoy listening to stories of camp life and being a part of living history in the 1800’s.

If you are interested in learning more or joining a reenacting group of the Civil War era please come to the meeting and talk to Larry and Mike.

If you are interested in local Arnold history, please come to the AHS monthly meeting the 1st Monday of each month at 7 pm at the Arnold Historical Museum lower level.

Civil War information website: www.turnerbrigade.org  or on their Facebook page.

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AHS Golf Tournament 2016

It’s time again for our annual golf tournament.

Check out the new golf flyer, and sign up now to support this great local cause!


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Easter Items on Display until May 31

Mary Kay Robinson Collection

Mary Kay Robinson Collection

Historical Easter items will be on display at the museum until May 31.

Be sure to stop by and see how Easter was celebrated by Arnold families in the past.

The museum is open Fridays and Saturdays, Noon to 4 p.m.

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Richardson Cemetery Books Now Available!

The Richardson Cemetery historical books have arrived!

The newly published edition of The History of Richardson Cemetery contains 220 pages of the earliest settlers in Maxville and Beck communities. Dr.  Robin Hanson, editor, included a death certificate for each person buried in Richardson Cemetery because the certificate shows the father’s name and birthplace as well as the mother’s maiden name and birthplace.

The book also includes all of the military veterans buried in the cemetery from the War of 1812 to World War II.

Richardson cemetery has the distinction of being identified as the resting place for many of the earliest settlers to the Maxville and Beck communities in Rock Township, Jefferson County, Missouri, as well as the location of the earliest known graves in Arnold, Missouri.  The first graves date back to 1841 when it served as a family cemetery until it was officially designated a burial ground on March 1, 1867.  It is located in T43 R6 S31 Lot 4 Survey 2991 along Richardson Road, about ½ mile west of the I-55 interchange.

The people buried in the cemetery represent a number of the earliest families in the township and the rugged pioneer spirit that created this country.  Many individuals buried in the cemetery took part in some of the most important events in American history such as the War of 1812, the California Gold Rush, and the Civil War.  Several of the oldest families also pre-date the purchase of the area through the Louisiana Purchase, dating back to as early as 1767 in St. Louis.

Over nearly 2 00 years the founding families have intermarried to such an extent that many of the families are related to each other and tie the families to each other as well as to the land.  The cemetery stands as a physical memory of their lives, their deeds, and their community.

The Arnold Historical Society had 50 books printed and priority will be given to those families who “told us their story”.  The book sells for $20 and is available at the Arnold Historical Museum, 1723 Jeffco Blvd. in Arnold. The museum is open every Friday and Saturday from 12-4 p.m.  If a book needs to be shipped, the cost will be $26. per book.

Contact the AHS Museum to obtain a copy.

Call the office at (636) 282-2828 or call Bernie at 636-464-9256.

Rich Cem Book 001
Rich Cem Book Back Covr 001

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Visit the museum and visit memories

If you haven’t been to the museum in a while, stop by soon for a visit and enjoy a bit of the history we have to share.  Bring a child and share some of your own history, or bring a friend to stroll down memory lane.  Here’s just a few photos of the many, many items we have to make you smile.

IMG_1820 IMG_1819 IMG_1818 IMG_1817 IMG_1816 IMG_1821 IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1825

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Ferghanistan: The War on Police – Book Signing by Jeff Roorda

Jeff RoordaJoin us Saturday. November 14th, 9-12 NOON, at the Museum, and meet Jeff Roorda, author and candidate for State Senate!

Jeff will be doing a book signing of his current book, Ferghanistan:  The War on Police.

Ferghanistan: The War On Police gives us a cops-eye view of perhaps the most tumultuous year in the history of law enforcement told from the unique perspective of the most visible police spokesman to emerge from the smoldering ashes of Ferguson.

The author, Jeff Roorda, stood-out through the grueling ordeal as law enforcement’s most outspoken champion…an advocate for the truth who challenged the false narrative perpetuated by media hype, political spin and the deceitful chants of an angry mob.

More info at www.TheWarOnPolice.com

Jeff is running for State Senate.  More info at www.jeffroorda.org.


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