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  1. ahs says:

    It is lovely and a joy to remember what we all grew up with.

  2. Debra Jahn says:

    Is it possible to purchase one of these calendars and have it mailed to me?

    Debra (Hilmer) Jahn

  3. ahs says:

    Yes, I can mail a calendar. Where do you live?

  4. Leona Pesek says:

    I believe my grgrandmother was a sister to Sophie Gregori. Magdalen Gregori was my grandfathers mother. She married Fredrick Koehler and together had 3 children. Fred(fritz), John, and Anna Marie. grandpa married Pauline Bauer and they had 7 children. A lot of the family are also buried in Richardson Cemetary. I am trying to verify my information with others to find a link between families.

  5. Those in the photo from the left- Former mayor Powell, not wone of the authors, then Warren Flantz, Walter Taliaferro, Loraine Mall, Frank Pointer, and Jim Waldropo. Note- of the authors, only Flantz and Taliaferro are still living.

  6. ahs says:

    You are right: The Mayor at that time joined the authors who were livign at that time. As of Nov. 14, 2012 only Warren Pflantz and Walter Taliaferro are still living.

  7. Lori Buntin says:

    I am working on the remodel of the Applebee’s restaurant in Arnold. I would love to work with someone at the Historical Society to acquire some digital files of historic photos from Arnold and the surrounding area. We strive to put together a comprehensive visual story embodying the character of the community in which the restaurant resides. If anyone there would be willing to spend some time on this effort I would love to share more details.

    Please contact me at the listed email address or call at 913-384-3751.

    Thank you so much!
    Lori Buntin

    • ahs says:

      Give me a call on my cell phone 636-375-1106 and we can talk about pictures. The Arnold Historical Society charges $25 per picture used. You will see some in Starbucks, Lee’s Chicken, Sunrise Cafe, Ponderosa.
      Have you seen any pictures that impress you that you would like to hang on the walls?

  8. Jerry Tiefenbrunn says:

    Do you know if any of the brick houses built by the Tiefenbrunn’s still stand? I know my grandfather “Raymond’s” is now a Vet Hospital.

    I was told there is still one built by my great grandfather on Tenbrook?

    I live in Virginia and periodically visit St. Louis to see my brothers and will make an effort to stop by your museum

  9. Donald L. Gilmore says:


    How much would you charge for me to use the above photos of Mrs. Cody in a book publishing 5,000 copies? 10,000 copies? Can I use the image shown on your screen by downloading? Are you agreeable to that. Donald L. Gilmore, see for other publications, 300 Baldwin, Belton, MO 64012, TEL: 816-331-3952. The book’s tentative title is Buffalo Bill Cody’s Great American Dream. 400 finshed pages in length.

  10. Bernie Wilde, Treasurer says:

    I need to check the Minutes because the Society set a charge about 2 years ago and I can’t remember the charge but it was not very much.
    Question: Why would you want two pictures of this museum, the handicapped ramp and me accepting a check from Ameren? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to use the picture of Buffalo Bill with wife Louise and children that is shown under History?

    • Bernie Wilde, Treasurer says:

      I found in the Minutes that the Historical Society charges $25 per picture and also requests that you specifically state “Arnold Missouri Historical Society” under the picture.

      I have two pictures: the family one and one of Louisa Frederitzi Cody when she is much older. Both of them are on my computer and I can send them anytime. Just let me know.

  11. ahs says:

    The Jan. 14-16, 2013, event brought in $199.70 to help purchase blacktop sealer for the back parking lot.
    Next Ruby Tuesday event will be April 8, 9, 10. A new flyer will be posted.

  12. Barb Toney says:

    I believe that Ruth Schad from Kimmswick was a teacher at the Saline School. She died in 1936.

    Do you have any pictures of students with their teachers that could includeher?

    thank you for any research you can do.

  13. Stephen D. Hottinger says:

    My own family connection to Margaret Louisa Frederici, Arnold, Missouri.

    Your article above sparked my interest. Here’s why:

    Over the past decade I got on for US Census records and also found the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery records (cemetery located near the St. Louis Arch) and retrieved most of my family ancestry information pertinent to St. Louis and Jefferson County, Missouri.

    I was born in Mankato, Minnesota, Nov. 14, 1946. As a boy growing up in the 50’s and early 60’s I listened attentively to my great aunt Zita Guth (born 1887, Mankato, Minnesota) proudly tell me her family connection to Bill Cody and Louisa Frederici:

    Zita’s mother’s (Mrs. Henry Guth = Barbara nee: Braxmeier Guth) SISTER was Katharine Guth who had married Michael Frederici, a BROTHER to M. Louisa Frederici, in St. Louis, Missouri. Zita told me the immigrant Frederici family spoke both fluent French and German, if I am correct.

    Yes I discovered that records show they settled at Arnold Missouri, Jefferson County in 1833… the entire pioneer family of Christopher and Elizabeth Frederici from Cappel, Lorraine, France.

    Katharine and Michael Frederici lived in the German neighborhood on S. 8th Street which I discovered was a block north of the Soulard Market Stalls in St. Louis.

    Finding this household was a Eureka moment for me, because I discovered that Katharine Braxmeier Frederici had her mother living there… Anna Maria Braxmeier had immigrated with her children from Gleisweiler (in what is now Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) settling early on in Quincey, Illinois, but re-locating to St. Louis (before the Civil War, I believe). Her husband Hermann had died in Germany before her emigration. This family (household) is buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery near the St. Louis Arch.

    BTW–I discovered Gleisweiler is only a very short distance from Lorraine province, France.

    My great aunt Zita Guth who died in Mankato, Minnesota at 97 in 1984 was the youngest sibling who never married. Her oldest sister, Mary Guth was born in St. Louis in 1866, since Henry Guth from Mankato as a harness-maker was stationed in St. Louis during the Civil War. That’s how he met Barbara Braxmeier living there as German immigrants also. After their first child (Mary) was born (1866), they moved (back for him) to Mankato, where Henry’s parents had settled from Herbolzheim, Germany around 1845. Henry Guth had immigrated as a child with his parents, Joseph and Anna, and his siblings. Henry’s parents and most of his offspring are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Mankato, Minnesota.

    My own father’s (Walter Hottinger, the youngest sibling) MOTHER was Julia Guth, the middle daughter of Henry and Barbara Guth.

    Stephen D. Hottinger
    Springfield, Missouri

    • Colleen Morrison says:

      Thank you Stephen for the great information on Louisa. My Mother’s maiden name was Guth (Cornelia.) I remember reading about Bill Cody and Louisa marriage on a newspaper article at home. My family (Weldon) lived on a farm in Blakeley township. I remember visiting Zita and Mary upstairs apartment in Mankato,Mn either on top of the meat market or the jewelry store. I would visit my Grandma Anna Guth, who lived upstairs over the S&S bar where my Uncle Louis worked that was across the Hubbard Milling Company in Mankato,Mn. Thank you again for the story of Louisa.

      Grandpa Louis Guth—Grandma Anna Engelen/Guth
      Colleen Weldon Morrison, Belle Plaine,Mn.

      • Khris Houston says:

        I would like to know if I could find out more about your links to Christopher Frederici. He happens to be my 4th Great Grandfather. I am doing family history on his family and would love to know some of the sources that you used to find out more about his family. Please let me know how I can connect you
        Khris Houston

    • David Frederici says:

      Christopher and Elizabeth Frederici (Frederitzi, among many other spellings) are my 4th great grandparents, and Louisa would be my great great grand aunt. I am a descendant of her brother Francis John Frederici. This article is incorrect, as Christopher and Elizabeth were her grandparents, and her father John Francis was brought over as a 15 year-old. I have thus far been unable to find any information as to what ever became of Elizabeth (Hennessienne) Frederici, as the last record I found her in was the 1850 census. I have found no death or burial records for her.

      I have spent a lot of effort finding information on the family origins in France. I have many French records for births, marriages, and deaths, and a growing set of information on I am happy to share anything and everything I have found, and if anyone can translate French more fluently than I can (and that wouldn’t be hard), then that would be great too!

      I find the comment that the family spoke fluent French as well as German to be rather interesting, and it would certainly make a lot of sense. I have seen evidence supporting them speaking both, and the family tree in France itself is full of French AND German names.

      • Gina French nee Frederick says:

        My uncle traced his family tree and found out we were related to Buffalo Bill by marriage. My grandfather was Matthew Frederici and began an Ice Cream Business in Chorley Lanc’s. Have you any links with us? or any information you could share with us. Gina French

        • David Frederici says:

          I don’t have an exhaustive genealogy completed, so without knowing more about your exact line, it’s hard to know what the link would be.

        • David Frederici says:

          Do you have any further information on your family line that might make it easier to look into?

          • Joan Minnich says:

            Hello David,
            I too am a descendent but from Anna who I believe was a sister to Louisa who would be my great great aunt. Anna married Valentine Kochner and had two daughters Lillian and Pauline. I know something happened to them because Lillian my grandmother was adopted by the Whites: Em, Jean and Bill. I know my aunt Pauline was able to see and maybe ride in one of his Wild West Shows.

    • Cyndy Payne says:

      Hello. Just a brief note as I came across your posted letter. Now retired I will someday join in the research of my family, which distantly includes you. My name is Cynthia Brann Payne, born Cynthia Ann Brann (7-28-1958). My father William DuWaine Brann and mother Virginia Marie (Bach) Brann. My maternal grandmother is Emily Frederici born St. Luis, Missouri. Louise Frederici was her Aunt.

    • Grace Schneider says:

      Stephen: Your account and family connections to Wm. Cody and his wife’s family is fascinating. I’m googling around at the moment to find out whether a family myth of my own is accurate. My grandfather William Walter Schneider (become a board member at Monsanto under Queeny) told family members that his grandfather or perhaps a great grandfather was a justice of the peace and had officiated Bill Cody’s marriage. This sounds impossible given the Frederici’s connections to a home church. Do you have any advice about checking the marriage certificate of the couple? Lacking that, is there a way to check on whose marriages that Christian Schneider may have officiated? My grandfather grew up somewhere in St. Louis, but several relatives, including some “old maid” aunts who fed his family chicken dinners on weekends lived in an area near Alton, Ill.

      • don says:

        Cody was married on Lombard street just a few blocks south of the Arch … there was a plaque on the building until about 2001

        • RBD says:

          What happened to that Plaque ? I became aware of it @ in the late 90’s – 2000 – and shared the bit of history with several people – now I understand it is gone. Who would know what became of it?

          • Bluescorer says:

            I took a picture of that sign. It was more of a sign than a plaque as I recall. Stamped raised letters in black on a white field. This pic was using film and I must try to locate it. Located on an industrial building on the south east corner of 3rd and Lombard.

    • Terry says:

      Hello ,
      I just read your interesting family history.
      My mother’s Family the Courtney’s were
      From Minneapolis. I was born there in 1946
      But moved to California when I was 5 years old.
      We returned to Minnesota when I was 6 because
      My Mother’s paternal Grandmother Elizabeth Moselle
      Passed away. ( We returned to California when I was 8.) Mother was exceptionally close to Her paternal Grandmother who came from Sun Prairie Wisconsin. I remember My Great Grandma Courtney’s sisters
      Visiting with her. The family came from France but all conversations
      Were in English to us but between the sisters were in German &

  14. Donald L. Gilmore says:

    March 12, 2013

    Mr. Wilde, that amount for using the photo of William Cody and his wife would be fine by me. I’ve sent my manuscript into Pelican Publishing Company, and it’s being reviewed at the moment, and they have a couple months to decide on the matter. I will let you know when the situation is clarified. I have published two books for Pelican in the last few years. My email address is If you would send me a short email, we could establish solid contact so at the appropriate time I can make the pay arrangement and provide a credit line written to your satisfaction. Thank you very much for contacting me. I must have neglected to give you my email address and for that I apologize. I need the photo image of Louisa and Cody together because Louisa figures importantly in my book. The mentioned photo is all I need, that one image.

    Best Regards,

    Donald L. Gilmore

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  16. R.Anthony Witzig says:

    A deceased relative, (by marriage), of mine, by the name of Gustave M Vogel, once owned many acres along lemay ferry road as with richardson road, parallel of southbound hwy 55,,, He was very instumental in developing many homes along and off richardson road, as with maintaining, Vogel Trailer Park, located at the corner of Lemay Ferry road and Monte Bello road,,,, The trailer park now known as, Monte Bello Trailor Park

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  18. Penni says:

    Cool blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your theme. Appreciate it

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  22. Peggy Fix says:

    Does any part of the airport still exist? I drive on Starling Airport Rd occasionally and was curious about the name. Also noticed that several streets were named for planes. Thanks for the information. It was interesting.

    • Bernie Wilde says:

      No part of the airport exists because after WWII gliders no longer needed to be tested there. It is all Starling Estates subdivision. There used to be a Rhomberg farm there and possibly other farms also.

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  24. John bauer says:

    I am an Arnold Resident and 67 years young. I also metal detect as a hobby for over 10 years now. I am interested in assisting the Arnold Historical Society in researching any sites. I respect all properties and am very careful to assure all holes dug are properly covered. Any finds on historic sites would of course be the property of the Society. Thank you.

  25. Dave Stephens says:

    When can I register my car?

  26. Donald says:

    Can someone please give me Historical information on the Twin Pools that were just past the Meremac River on Telegraph?

  27. Holly Caskanett says:

    I would like to know about the history of the property that I live on. I’ve been to the library but I couldn’t find any thing. I live right next to ray baker, he informed me that it used to be farmland and his grandfather originated there.that is all I really know. If you have any pictures or info could you please email me. Thank you… My address is 654 Jeffco Blvd (apartment)

    • Bernie Wilde says:

      You asked the right person. Raymond Baker’s father owned all the farmland. Raymond lives on a piece of that farmland. Baker’s Restaurant was across the street from Raymond’s house. Now it’s an empty lot. Raymond made lots and lots of fried chicken to serve every Sunday when it was “all you can eat”.

      Question Raymond a lot more. He remembers it all. If I have questions, I ask Raymond.

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  29. paige says:

    when I watched buffalo bills biography video one of the people that they interviewed was his grandson. so im wondering if he had another kid with someone else or if Irma had a kid before she died?

  30. Will mcdonnell says:

    My great great grand ma and pa are buried in this cemetery
    There names are charles and rhoda McDonnell
    Rhoda l richarson daughter of james and mary richardson.
    Rhoda was buried in 1929 and charles in 1931
    The death certificates both indicate richarson cemetery
    As their final resting place. I read that someone hoped to identify
    All people buried. Hope this helps i have more info if needed
    Will mcdonnell

  31. Emily Ferretti says:

    I would like to learn more about why Arnold was incorporated in 1972, and anything on that. I am doing a paper on Arnold for my american history class. If you could please email me with any info on stuff like that, that would be soo fantastic! Thank you!!!!

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  33. mike says:

    My family was among the first to move into Starling Estates in 1962, on Cessna drive. Some of the hangars were still standing, but in time all traces of the airport were demolished.

  34. janet evans says:

    My husband is an ancester of buffalo bill cody

  35. Gene Geissler says:

    My father Herman Max Geissler was the son of Lilian Geissler (née Frederici)
    Lilian had 3 sisters Clara, Gertrude and Verna. I had herd of a connection to William Cody . Incidently my wife is from Arnold Missouri and we were married at Immaculate Conception church in 1975.

    • David Frederici says:

      Using, I was able to find information of Lillian Friderici from St Louis who married a George Geissler in 1920. Her family appears to originate in Thuringia, Germany, and not related to William Cody’s in-laws.

  36. Carol Young Roberts says:

    I was so intrigued by your blog on the NCR cash register and the Phoenix Musical Club. My great grandfather was George Young, Sr and my grandfather was George Young, Jr. My father was also named George Young. My father moved his family to Dayton, Ohio in the 1960’s and my husband actually worked at NCR for 19 years in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I have an obituary for my grandfather that was published on Nov. 24, 1982 in a publication that I believe was put out by the Phoenix Musical Club. Irvin F. Tongay’s name and address is stamped on it. I was at the Phoenix Club as a child while visiting relatives in St. Louis. It was located across from Soulard Market at that time in the old library building. I am very interested in further information regarding the Phoenix Club, as my father talked about it all his life. He recently passed away. Do you know of anyone who is still alive that would have additional information, or a written history of it? I would especially like to know who the early members of the club were, as they may have also been relatives. Thank you for posting this!

  37. Nancee says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with
    thhe same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from
    that service? Thanks a lot!

    • TheneSheehy says:

      Nancee – I saw your request, but I think you will have to take the action to remove your ‘follow’ from the AHS website. There is nothing I can do on the site to stop sending these.

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  39. Frank Schierhoff says:

    I have info on Leo Meyer, killed in WWI–he was my Grandpa Gus Meyer’s nephew; I tried to send pics via email, but not sure it was successful!

  40. Denise says:

    I will be on vacation in Dorrington next week. I often visit cemeteries and take pictures for
    How will I find your cemetery and museum? I have to use a mobility scooter so I should ask about accessibility and bathrooms! Most of my cemetery work was done with The Veterans Cemetery in Yountville and I just completed a book on George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery in Yountville. Thank you! Great work you all are doing!!

  41. Laura Reneau Schulman says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading all these comments–looks like I’m related to many of you! My paternal grandmother was Alice Elizabeth Frederici Reneau–youngest daughter of Francis (Frank) Frederici who was the youngest brother of Louisa Frederici Cody. Grandma had many memories of the ranch in North Platte and I guess some of her older sisters traveled with the Codys to Europe several times.

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  45. roberto pilotti says:

    is it possible to know from wich area in Italy comes the original family of Louise Frederici, Cody’s wife? Thanks to whom will answer.

    • David Frederici says:

      They were not from Italy. The family originated in Lorraine, France, very near the modern border with Germany in the modern-day Moselle department. This region of France was at the time mainly German-speaking, and the local Catholic Immaculate Conception parish in Arnold, Missouri lists Christopher and Peter Frederitzi (as it was spelled before Frederici, these being her Grandfather and uncle) are listed as German-speaking founding members on its website. Family names that intermarried into the Frederici/Frederitzi line in France appear to be a mix of both German and French.

  46. heather says:

    Hi, i actually wanted to ask a questio is it possible for u to find out if there was ever an accident on the road or in a house b.c i grew up in a house in arnold that was haunted by a little girl and wanted to find out who she was

  47. casey says:

    I am involved in a family history project. I am searching for historical information pertaining to Lake Holiday (once located on Old Lemay Ferry Rd). Does your archive hold information conerning this business? If so, would I be able to access the archive?

    Thank you for assistance in this matter.

    • Bernie Wilde says:

      Back in the ’40s, the Dietz family owned Lake Holiday and ran the business located at Seckman and Old Lemay Ferry. My husband, Roy Wilde, went to school at Herky high school with Shirley Dietz, part of that family. Maybe if you went to Northwest Library at Hwy PP and 30, you could find info. They have old maps and newspapers plus lots of other stuff.

      After Dietz sold the property in 56?? to Harry DePron, he was a business man and ran the entire complex in a different manner. Roy was the real estate agent looking for a sale from Dietz to someone else.

    • Kerry Penning says:

      Hi Casey, are you male or female?
      I worked as a lifeguard at the Lake Holiday pool during the summer of 1970 – fresh out high school and I remember meeting a young girl from one of the Parkway schools there on a field trip… haha! just a long shot.

  48. We’re a gaggle of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community.
    Your web site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have performed an impressive process and
    our entire group will probably be grateful to you.

  49. Bernie Wilde says:

    I am excited to read and/or reread all of the connections to the Frederici/Frederitzi family.

  50. Diann (Mayer) Gaines says:

    This is a picture of Immaculate Conception Church. The “Priests’ House” is next to it and the original school is the building across the street. Maxville and Arnold became known, after awhile, as Arnold. Beck, located in the Richardson Road area, (starting by St. John’s Lutheran Church), also became a part of Arnold. The town was named after Maxwell Arnold, my Great, Great Uncle.

  51. Bernie Wilde says:

    According to the book “History of Arnold, Maxville was named after Maximillian Stengele who in 1873 operated the first business: a general store. Max was also a Justice of the Peace. Max’s great great granddaughter, Theresa Randazzo, is a member of the Arnold Historical Society. Theresa is 88 and a lively, jovial person. the Arnold family lived further east of Immaculate Conception. Three of the Louis Arnold grandchildren are still alive: Eldred now 97, Dorothy now 94 and Louis 85. They frequently tell the stories of their grandparents, Louis and Herlanda and all of the land they owned near Jeffco and Church Road. The City of Arnold also has one family left in the town of Tenbrook, two families in the town of Wickes. Flamm City only has a boat ramp left. All six towns were incorporated into the city of Arnold.

    Immaculate Conception celebrates its’ 175th anniversary this year. The new VFW across the street is celebrating 75 years on Feb. 28. At last night’s meeting, a “uniform” from the early days of the Ladies Auxiliary was shown. It belonged to Dorothy Mayer, wife of Harold T. Mayer who was a Commander at one time.

  52. nick wilson says:

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to contact Mr.Rich Simpson Senior or Junior. I am putting together a scrap book of Historical Arnold and all I have is the Historic Book of Arnold. I was told to contact Mr.Simpson because he may be able to really help me with more pictures of Arnold and some of the surrounding areas. If you can please help me with an email or something to get in touch with him, or if he would be at the Arnold Historical Museum sometime soon. Thank you so much

  53. jacob says:

    im related to buffalo bill

  54. aloys rieser says:

    try found out about the riser family

    • TheneSheehy says:

      Some Riesers are buried in Richardson Cemetery on the front east side. A few are buried in St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery.

  55. Ali Micke says:


    Some of the names above are similar to headstones I looked at tonight located in a very small cemetery in our subdivision. Wanted to know if you knew anything about it? referenced above is Skelton Richardson. I found a headstone with that name and a date of March 1849-Oct 1923. Also Theres a headstone for a Hampel as well. Wanted to know if you knew any information?

    • Ali Micke says:

      Also the above information isn’t located in Richardson Cemetery. we live on the other side of Arnold.

    • Bernie Wilde says:

      Is your subdivision Theodore Ridge which is across the street from Historic Richardson Cemetery? All of the Richardson’s are in the large enclosed section. Hampel’s are there also. We have 210 graves in Richardson Cemetery.

  56. Heather K says:

    We live on old Lemay ferry across the street from strawberry ridge. My next door neighbor removed a head stone from his back yard and put it in his back yard garden. I wonder if the headstone belongs to the cemetery

    • R.L. Feikert says:

      Dear Heather K, is it possible to read the name on the headstone as one of my ancestors stone had been at the cemetery but is now gone. I believe it is either Phillip or Charles Feikert. Barely legible, but at least further research is, may be necessary for that headstone. Thanks

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  58. Mary A. Sanneman says:

    My great great Grandfather Michael Arnold was supposed to be the brother of the Mr. Arnold (Louis – maybe) who owned so much land in Arnold Missouri that supposedly that is why it was named Arnold. My Mother was a Roesch, her mother was a Naes, and her grandmother was an Arnold. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about Michael Arnold married to Margaret, Michael was born September 29, 1848 and died July 16, 1918. I would also like to know what nationality Michael Arnold was. Thank you for any information that you may give.

    • Roxana Arnold says:

      in my family History we have a Margaret Arnold and I don’t know if she was married to Michael Arnold but if you want to know for sure contact Donna Glenn at 1907 N 54o E Orem, ut 84097

    • Kay says:

      Try It’s free. I would also try the archives of their church.Mindy Huson at the Northwest Branch of Jefferson County Library-(636)677-8186.Good Luck on your search.

  59. Chris M says:

    Hello I am a paranormal investigator and also a find a grave member and also metal detect as well. One skill that comes from being a paranormal investigator is having the equipment to conduct EVP ( Electronic voice phenomenon). I love taking pictures of cemetery’s and taking in the history that is there and the creatives that go into the stones and such. I am willing to assist the Arnold Historical Society anyway that i can.

  60. Frank and Betty Kutilek says:

    Thank you for your invitation, however my wife and I have a prior commitment.

    Frank and Betty Kutilek

  61. Racheal Vogel says:

    Is there anyway to get the names of all the people listed ?
    This is my husbands family

    • Bernie Wilde says:

      I will try to get all of the names. I know Marvin’s son, Terry, is standing at the right side. I just sent him an e-mail asking for the names.

      How is your husband related to this group? I’m sure Terry will be asking the same question.

  62. Bernie Wilde says:

    I would like your e-mail address. I found the original pictures of Marvin Roesch with all the relatives. And I found the original pictures used in the calendar which I can just send to you.

    Still will try to get the names of all the people in the picture but I have handymen working in the house today so need to stay put.

  63. Jo Ann Morton says:

    Interested in receiving your newsletter.

  64. Charolet cook says:

    Does anyone know the history of 2002 Lonedell Rd. Arnold as my husband and I own the property and we would like to know
    Who owned from the begging and how much property was it all together originally.

  65. Nicolas says:

    yes the press wants to destroy rdanlos reputation, not thinking that arnold is old right now, but on his prime hell yeah, they cant beat him..i am abig fan of arnold, is there a site that i can down load a big sizr of arnolds pictures that i can print of may tarpauline at home?

  66. Rahman says:

    Hi cozmo,Great pic that first one. A 5 foot poster of this is in the October 91 issue of Flex Mag. But i never knew it was also feteurad in Muscle and Fitness Mag. Can you tell me the issue of that M&F that contained the poster?Thanks

  67. Bruce says:

    I love AHS! I just did a webinar for work where I used their TNR pgrroam as a model pgrroam. I had the pleasure of working with them on a colony of dumpster cats when I was in Austin for work.

  68. Bekir says:

    I don’t like most pictures of me eihetr. I always look so big next to everyone else. That nail salon photo is totally fabulous! What a great shot of you. Well, at least you have one awesome current photo of yourself.

  69. Mcgomcgez says:

    That is the funny thing here, the expenses were aewolld because Weatherill signed off on them and when the boss signs off it must mean that they were okay. Twisted circular logic but that is how it work(ed)(s).Redford’s comments should come as a shock to all AHS employees because according to her the gov’t can step in and fire anyone they choose, even if they were following the ‘rules’. Scary thought.

  70. Ryan Campbell says:

    Dear Arnold Historical Society,

    I’m interestted in the Fall Trivia night and would gladly pay my part. If you know a group that needs one more member, please let me know.

    Ryan Campbell
    Seckman High School

  71. Bernie Wilde says:

    I just sent a separate e-mail. check that first and then call me.

  72. Jackie Howell says:

    Kindergarten was actually added in January 1968. The Fox C-6 District took over the existing private Kindergartens at that time. James Rickman was the superintendent at the time.

  73. Mike Rice says:

    I am a 1985 graduate of Fox and my parents were in the first graduating class in 1959. My mom was the first Valedictorian at Fox and she still resides in Arnold.

  74. Anna Reneau Sanner says:

    This is Awesome! I love seeing our relatives all on her. Alice Reneau is my great grandma. Her son Robert Reneau was my Grandfather. I miss Grandma Alice :-(. I remember her calling me on the phone and singing happy birthday to us. She would always have candy for us when I came to visit her.

  75. Karen DeStefane says:

    My third great grandma, Delphi Tiefenbrun, is buried in Richardson Cemetery, per her death certificate, although there is no headstone. She died on November 18, 1910. Date of burial was Nov. 20, 1910. Her son in Frank Tiefenbrunn, who does have a headstone. I am not sure where her husband Charles Tiefenbrunn is buried.
    Since the records were destroyed, I’m curious if you have her on your list. Death Certificate no. 34608.
    She is the daughter of Elizabeth Richardson and William Ellington. Parents of Elizabeth still have still not been determined.
    Keep up the good restoration work!

    • Robin Hanson says:

      Hi Karen,

      Just found your comment – Yes, we do have Delphi listed as buried in Richardson Cemetery. We do not have Charles listed as being buried in Richardson, but it is a distinct possibility since the wife and son are buried there and based on how old she was at her time of death. I suspect that Charles died before her and since the State didn’t require State Death Certificates until 1910, the only record of his death might be available at the county courthouse.

    • George Ellington says:

      I believe this William Ellington was the brother to my Great(4) Grandfather if this is him he was born in Granville N.C Elizabeth Jane Richardson
      1819– Date of death unknown She was born in Tennessee!

  76. Bernie Wilde says:

    Once again it is fun to read all of the connections so many of you have with the Frederici/Frederitzi family tree. Continue your conversations! I take care of many of the items at the Arnold Historical Society Museum so if you are ever in the area, contact me on my cell 636-375-1106 and I will try my best to meet you.

  77. Laura Roettger says:

    I had a conversation with a person last name Frediritzi. He told me the were some slaves buried on the backside of the cemetery. I have a picture of the Frediritzi house my grandparents ( Dohack ) bought from them.

  78. rittenhouse says:

    My family comes from Mary Frederick, they are also some of the line that reaches Cody. I’d have to get my research out but I do remember that Mary was Louisa first cousin. That side of the branch moved to Seneca Ohio. The grand mother lived out her life with my line of the Frederick clan. And if you look at imdb Mary had a sister who was an actress also. I know the name was changed often but that is how it happened with immigrants. I know some where in the 60s time magazine had a picture of frediric castle in France in the area mentioned. Its a very interesting history to be part of.

    • Linda Graham says:

      My grandmother was a Frederick and claimed kin to Buffalo Bill but I’ve never been able to make the connection . Her grandfather was
      William D Frederick 1861
      John Henry Frederick 1836
      Hezekiah C Frederick 1810
      Henry Frederick born 1785
      Phillip Frederick born 1746

  79. Robert Wieland says:

    I am a retired Arnold Police Officer and came across some uniforms we used from inception of the PD until B.J. Nelson made a change in 1989. Are you interested? I have both a patrolman and sergeant uniform. I also have my motorcycle officer uniform from helmet to boots.

  80. Bernie Wilde says:

    Yes, I think we could display police uniforms. Today, Fri. Allen Flamm will be keeping the museum open between 12-4. I don’t know who signed up for tomorrow.

  81. Charles Nahlik says:

    In 1949 ( my eight year class ) the eighth ” graders” from the schools that made up the new Fox school were transported to the Bowen school where we were to finish out that school year . A room had been prepared for us and we finished there in 1950 , that was when I started my freshman year at Herculaneum .

  82. KATHY Seibold Barr says:

    My great great great grandmother was Bill Codys niece. Her father and uncle were brothers.

    • Larry says:

      Was this the same niece that accompanied him at the 1893 World’s Fair, and claimed divine healing from John Alexander Dowie?

  83. Everett Watters says:

    My Grand , Jack Cody was Bill Codys 8th Coudin, trying to figure out what tribe of indians were bred into the Family. As my Grandpa was part indian. Any ideias?

    • Bernie Wilde says:

      I can’t answer you about Indian tribes in the Frederitzi/Cody line. Maybe David Frederici knows. Or you can contact the Cody Museum In Wyoming.

  84. Mandy Moulton says:

    Buffalo Bill is my 9th cousin. He is from mom’s side family.

  85. Chelsea Wilson says:

    So things are not making sense to me. My parents own a house in red lion along rt 74 near bahns mill road. There is a road down the street called church road which I read that Bills wife had been born in a log cabin chruch on a road with the same name. What made me look into this is the fact that my parents had found probably 30 letters in an old cigar box under our floor boards in the attic. They are dated from the same time period and many signed Buffalo Bill. Signature looks exact to the ones from him I found online. How could this be? We are in PA? Some of the letters are pretty dirty for that time period(as in sexual). The house we live in is at least 100 years old. Our well was literally hand build and goes probably 30ft down and we have a root cellar. Also I wanted to know if anybody had any idea how two of their children died so young thinking it might be a clue to something.

  86. Chelsea Wilson says:

    I would love to be more descriptive on the letters but they are not in my possession at the moment. I remember though most of the letters were readable still a few had been chewed up by mice and the letters are somewhat hard to read since they are written I. The dialect that had been used back then. All in cursive writing def written with a quill pen.

  87. I am writing to you to inquire as to whether you have any jobs or work that I can perform in the fields of Data Entry or Virtual Assistance. My other areas of skills are in Writing and Editing.I am an American expat presently living in New Delhi, India. I have experience in Data Entry, Virtual Assistance, and I can perform any work that you may require as long as it can be done online or remotely. If you would like to see my resume please let me know and I’ll gladly send it over to you. Or you can check my online resume at my own site at http://www.CoreyCananza.comThank you for your consideration.Warm Regards,Corey Cananza

  88. Marjourie Freese says:

    Over the years I have been told that my grandmother was related to Buffalo Bill. Sadly, there’s no one left for me to find out more information from.
    I’m not very tech savy so that doesn’t help either. Lol
    Anyway was wondering if anyone knew of a connection to the McPherson (Lois,was grandmas name) and buffalo Bills family?
    Thank you. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  89. Ron Roberts says:

    I am looking for any pictures of the Ziegler store that was in Arnold next to the old meramec bridge. Mostly when Ben frank Lin and coast to coast were attached. Thank’s in advance!

    • Bernie Wilde says:

      We have one picture of the Ziegler store and also a mini store that someone made for the Zieglers eons ago. I could take a picture of that and send it to you if you do not live in the area.

  90. Pingback: The March Newsletter has arrived! | Arnold Historical Society & Museum

  91. Linda Chilton Prue says:

    My dad, Bob Chilton, used to fly a little Piper Cub from Starling. He learned to fly while in the Army, but wasn’t an Army pilot ( Engineers, WWII). He graduated to a Cessna with an Instructor’s license but Starling was his start. He later built Bob’s Drive In in Imperial, if anyone here lived in the area way back!

  92. Jack Taylor says:

    Have about 50 cards from the early 1920s
    Would you be any interest in seeing a few

  93. Bernie Wilde says:

    Yes, I would love to see them. Can you bring them to the museum–or are you trapped by high water. Maybe let’s decide some morning next week. My home phone is 636-464-9256 or cell 636-375-1106. You can always e-mail me too.

  94. Pingback: Summer Car Show – August 12th! | Arnold Historical Society & Museum

  95. Peyton James says:

    Hello, I am inquiring about a job position. Are you hiring by chance? I have prior job experience and would love to provide more details if you are. You can contact me via email or cell phone at 3146750938. I hope to hear back from you soon, thank you!

  96. Clinton Cody says:

    In 1800 there were only 25 Cody families in the USA. My family was 1 of the 25 along with Bill Cody’s family. My Grand father Worth Cody was born in 1852, and Bill 1846..Where did Bill Cody’s family migrate from? My family in late 1700s from Ireland.. My great grandfather Pearce Cody and his father were born in East Tennessee in early 1800’s and late 1700s.I have always been asked if we were related…I do not know.

  97. Tim says:

    I recently received a diary from my mother that was her grandmother’s. She, my Great Grandmother, grew up in North Platte NE. Apparently she was good friends with Irma Cody around the age 17. There are many passages in the diary about Irma.

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  99. Pingback: 2017 Golf Tournament – Now on September 30th! | Arnold Historical Society & Museum

  100. Bob says:

    I want to know who was “Jersey” -The bizarre attendant of Arnold Park. His real name, where was he from originally?, etc. I lived in Arnold from 72-80 and he was there all that time. I understand he died from/in a hold up at his residence years later after he was moved out of Arnold Park.

  101. Art Kasey says:

    This is a very interesting museum and should be visited by families , by classes of students from local schools, and anyone interested in what makes Arnold a great place to visit and to become part of our community.
    Want to become an active member of the Arnold Historical Museum and Society ? Stop by the Museum during regular visiting hours. We are particularly interested in more young adults becoming active members and sharing their expertise and ideas to help make this one of the best historical sites in the greater St. Louis area and western Illinois.

  102. Kathy Wieland says:

    I have a copy of the book “Historic Arnold” that I would be willing to sell if anyone is interested.

  103. Michelle Stokes says:

    I am looking for pictures and information on Lake Holiday (Seckman Rd and Old Lemay Ferry) to share with my students at Seckman Middle School. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

    • Mike says:

      Our family use to go here all the time. We moved to Florida in 1987. What happened to Lake Holiday?

      • Jackie Howell says:

        Lake Holiday was sold many years ago. The lake/swimming pool drained, the beautiful old house torn down and the land was leveled. It was then divided into lots and is now a subdivision with nice homes. Seckman Road and Lion’s Den Road were realigned several hundred yards south of where they were (would have been thru the lake in the old days) and Lion’s Den Road goes thru the new subdivision. Sorry to deliver the sad news.

  104. Mary F. Morrison says:

    my grandfather, William F. Cody was related to Bill. Cousins, I believe fathers were brothers.

  105. John F. McDermott V says:

    This is fascinating information. My grandfather, Professor John Francis McDermott III, never discovered the distant family relationship through marriage to Buffalo Bill, despite John’s being a renowned Washington University professor, Missouri historian. and avid genealogist. Louisa’s grandfather, Christopher Frederici, was my 4 great grandfather. My g-g-g grandmother, Margaret Frederici Steber, would have been Louisa’a aunt, and my g-g grandfather, Nicholas J. Steber, would have been Louisa’s cousin. Ironically, I think that my father’s second cousin, Michael McDermott (whom I have never met), might be a current resident of Arnold.

  106. Suzanne Blackwell says:

    Cody/Fonda Connection?? GRANDFATHER Clayton CODY Fonda,, traced back to Fonda MY. Cody middle name was told came from Buffalo Bill CODY.. anyone know about the connection??

  107. Karen Bippen Atkinson says:

    I’m so excited that there are posted pictures of this grave! My family has been looking for this (and other family members) that were buried in our family cemetery in South St. Louis County when Hwy 55 took part of our property which was at 55/Meramec Bottom Road and Kerth Rd. Her parents are Jacob and Delilah Wickerham, and her husband is Jean Baptiste Valdejo. I’m hoping they were moved and buried here too.

    A couple of corrections on the Find a Grave Site- last name should be Valdejo, not Valejo, and as you can see on her tombstone, the death date is 7 May, 1886, not as you list 16 June 1871 .

  108. Carolyn says:

    Did it burn down or have a fire?

  109. Vicki L. Dillon says:

    Hi Bernie Wilde –

    I am a contributor to find a grave. All that needs to be done is to:
    Go into find a grave.
    Find the memorial.
    There is the contact info on who cares for that particular memorial.
    Email or message them and they will get back to whoever is writing them to correct information.

  110. Pingback: The newest newsletter! | Arnold Historical Society & Museum

  111. Dewight Rutherford says:

    Booker Richardson is my great great great grandfather on my father’s mother’s side.
    My father, Dewayne Rutherford was born to the parents of Andy Rutherford and Glenna Marilyn Richardson.
    My grandmother’s father which makes him my great grandfather, is Roscoe Richardson.
    Roscoe’s father, is Ballard Preston Richardson. This makes him my great great grandfather.
    Ballard Richardson’s father is Booker Richardson. My great, great, great grandfather. I found all this from Even with birth and death certificates and pictures.
    I’m stuck though. Where can I look further? Does anyone have pictures of Booker or his children?

  112. April says:

    Looking for any information on a house built in 1950 off of Lonedell Road on Oaker Drive by a man last name starts with an M. Possibly Milburn or something similar to it. It was the original owner of the land surrounding it I am told which hwas sold off.

  113. George Guiver says:

    I’ve been researching Louise “Lulu” Frederici for my wife. Her Mom’s maiden name is Frederici. Mrs. Cody is my wife’s 2nd Great Aunt. I just finished reading her memoirs of her time with Buffalo Bill. I believe she leaves out some of the bad times since I’ve read Buffalo Bill tried to divorce her a couple of times. One time due to “nagging.” That was never brought up. My wife’s family’s story of her was she was a city woman who grew to dislike Buffalo Bill. Mrs. Cody’s memoir paints a very different story. She loved him. I always thought she just stayed in the city, while Cody went buffalo hunting, scouting and putting on his shows. Not true. She was truly a frontier woman who learned to shoot, ride and kill buffalo. She does write how terrible it was to leave her estimate of 3 million pounds of buffalo meat to rot on the plains. The white man didn’t use all of the buffalo like the native Americans.

  114. David Allen says:

    Hi! We recently read an article in a newspaper that stated that there are 10 graves with out headstones for some of our veterans. My friend David Allen had spoken with business man in Crystal City Mo who was willing to do headstones for half the cost- $100. Dave is wanting to get more information about the graves and stones needed as the article was misplaced, ie (he believes I threw it away hence me looking to find information for him.) If you can help provide the names and location of graves without markers for our veterans in the Richardson Cemetery, please call Dave at 636-293-2676. We wants to see if others around us are willing to go together and make this happen. Our neighborhood said they would buy a stone and if others will, we can make it right for these brave soldiers.

  115. Diana Hogan says:

    I am in need of getting an Arnold Historical Book. Where can I get one of these?

    • Jackie Howell says:

      They are on sale at the Arnold Historical Museum. Not open tomorrow due to the car show at the Arnold Park but most Fridays and Saturdays from noon till 4.

  116. Laura Kunkel says:

    I am doing rubbings of all the Frederitzi stones since those are related to me through my Grandmother Verna Gangloff. It is a beautiful little cemetery and I visit often

  117. R. L. Feikert Jr. says:

    Hello Bernie, Thank You very much for your sincere dedication to a very old perhaps abandoned cemetery. My name is Robert Lee Feikert Jr. On my visit back perhaps 15 to 20 years the grounds looked very good. My Grandfather is John Allen Feikert, Died 1943, buried at the edge of the Cemetery facing Richardson Rd. Back through the 1990’s, early 2000’s having information about my early ancestors, I went to the cemetery and found the grave stone, Charles Feikert Born 1790 Died 1826 at the stone wall, under the large evergreens. The headstone was very old and barely legible. I told my sister that the headstones were there with perhaps others and she said that they had been removed, not long after my visit.
    The headstone has been removed and I searched the lot to see if it had been removed and discarded. If so I would like to see if perhaps I can retrieve it and have another made like the original and placed at the burial site.
    Also you should not have to carry the burden alone. Need Help?
    My Father Robert L. Feikert Sr. Wants to be buried there, if possible? We had a old family farm in Maxville, Mo. A little log winded but if you can please help with my inquest I would sure appreciate it. Also if I could help maintain or help with some of the chores, Please email me. Thanks Again

  118. Amanda Boyd says:

    This is my home ! We love the history of it. We were able to salvage the original hard wood floor in one of the rooms. The basement is very much original. We have found some very interesting things over the years in the woods behind the house. We are very happy we took the leap to buy and renovate this old school house it is in a great location with lots of woods to explore. The Boyd’s

  119. Bernard Laiben says:

    Mr. Flamm,

    Thank you so much for the tour of the Arnold Museum today! You have a great facility, and everything is so neatly displayed!

    A Happy New Year from our historical society to yours !!


  120. Frank says:

    I LOVE this picture. Thank you for what you do to preserve the wonderful history Arnold has.
    Frank of Tree Service Jefferson County

  121. Robert L. Feikert Jr. says:

    I would like to Thank the Arnold Historical Society, the City of Arnold for their continued effort to not forget the Meaning of Perpetual Care.

    I also would like to Thank Bernie Wilde, for the self Sacrifice the woman has put forth, and continues to organize the effort to maintain the Cemetery for the Community to have Respect for the deceased.

    I am Sure that Their are Many Other Citizens, and the Arnold Police, Arnold City Hall, and Maintenance Personnel that also Help.


  122. Sandy Byrne says:

    This is what I love to read and see. Good find.

  123. Paula Aubin says:

    What were the names of some of the stores or places of business that provided groceries to the public in 1960?

  124. George Summers says:

    Back on those days are simple living, you can see it on their faces. Thanks for sharing this. We should preserve old pictures/things as long as we can. In case you might need a Painting Contractor just check us out.

  125. Bernie Wilde says:

    I do not know of any members who belonged to that club. Try a Facebook reach out and see if someone responds–just a thought!

  126. getting excited about the car show

  127. Betty fleischmann smith says:

    What year was the lone dell school house torn down ? Did anyone ever live in it as rental in 1957 if so who? Did a mary fleischmann age 2 fall in creek and have to be rescued ? Did her father turn the school house in to a 3 bed room house ?

  128. Judy West says:

    Congratulations AHS on being chosen for this great honor! Thanks to Allen Flamm for a winning design and Patti Allen for her time and talent to stitch this beautiful piece!

  129. Philip Hampel says:

    While researching my family history here in England, I have just discovered that my 4x great uncle Jakob Hampel (1793-1858) died at Arnold, Jefferson County, Missouri. I also understand from reading a pdf version of “The History of Immaculate Conception Parish” written in 1990 that he built the first parish church, made of logs, in 1842. The pdf version of the book makes reference to a picture of the church in an ancient lithograph. Unfortunately, the pdf version does not include a copy of the lithograph. I have searched online to find a copy of it, but to no avail. I would dearly love to see an image of the church that my 4x great uncle built, so am writing to you to see if the Society knows where I may find a copy online.

  130. Mark Ruffin says:

    Googled “Old Arnold, Mo. Photographs” and seen Frederitzi’s Hall.
    I was born in 1961 and have lived In Arnold my whole life.
    I can remember when my dad told me (the day after It happened), he said
    It was a big orange glow In the sky the night Frederitzi’s hall burned down.
    I think I was around 5 or 6 years old, which would of been 1966/1967.
    I live right by the Rock Community Ambulance house.
    I could not find any information on that, or what year it was when It burned.

  131. Robert Lee Feikert Jr. says:

    I have to thank everyone that Gives their personal time to help with the maintenance of the Richardson Cemetery. There is a lot of History in the location and the Families that are interned there.

    Thanks to the Historic Society as without the Organization the knowledge can not be passed on, and would be forgotten. And to continue with their selfless mission of preserving our heritage for the proud residents of Jefferson County Missouri.

  132. Patricia Schmidt says:

    My husband and I attended two concerts that were held in Arnold in the 1970’s at an ice rink that used to be off the outer road, where fox chase is now. We would love to know what bands played there during that time. I believe we attended the “Slade” concert. We have a great story of what happened to us that night, goes down in our history. We have been married for 38 years. We met on the school bus going to Ridgewood school the first year that Ridgewood opened- 1972? We married in 1982.

    • Judy says:

      Korner Wagner Construction is the building where the concerts were held. Fox Chase is next door to that building. Slade was the only band that I can recall was there.

  133. Darby Jarboe says:

    According to the Jefferson County 1876 Atlas by Brink, McDonough & Co., it would have been part of a 110 acre parcel owned by a “M, Park”.

  134. Kathleen Burroughs says:

    Can anyone tell me if there have been any recent, or last 10 years, articles on Kennett Castle? I understand it is now up for sale. Two of my ancestors owned the Castles many years ago.

  135. Bernie Wilde says:

    That guess of 1966/67 is about right. I think the only way to confirm that is to visit the Northwest Public Library on Hwy pp and 30. They have many of the old newspapers and there had to be a story written about such a famous landmark.

  136. joseph blair says:

    Hi. I was wondering if you had any pictures of the old Blair drugs store and Dr. Carrols office .It was were Rockport drugs was but a different building .There was a small hamburger stand on the lot as well .My fathers store . He is 89 and alive and well .Thank you, Joseph Blair

  137. Mel says:

    Hello there!

    This is Melanie and I am a experienced photographer and illustrator.

    I was discouraged, to put it nicely, when I came across my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without my consent, you should be aware that you could be sued by the copyright holder.

    It’s illegal to use stolen images and it’s so mean!

    Check out this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get evidence of my legal copyrights.

    Download it now and check this out for yourself:

    If you don’t delete the images mentioned in the document above within the next few days, I’ll write a complaint on you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.

  138. Kim Garrett says:

    Are there any pictures of Lakeside pool? Thank you.

  139. Patricia Ramsey says:

    My Great, Great Grandfather Charles Feikert, my Grandfather John Feikert and a Great Uncle are all buried in Richardson Cemetery. My father is 83 and he recently asked me to find out if he could also be buried in Richardson Cemetery. Thank you for your assistance.

  140. MrsD says:

    You-all, I am not related to the Codys, as are so many people posting here, but I feel a connection nonetheless, for several reasons. Recently my husband and I were at the Buffalo Bill museum in Cody Wyoming, and I was fascinated with Mrs. Cody’s little antique treadle sewing machine. It is a Willcox-Gibbs model, something I’d never seen before. Well! A week later, in a second-hand store in Montana, we found another Willcox-Gibbs treadle machine, just like Louisa’s….and it was for sale, and we bought it! She and I do share a birthday, I am also of French descent, and I am Catholic. So, I am fascinated by this woman’s story as well. Thanks for all you do to preserve her history.

  141. Mindy Hudson says:

    This is beautiful! Congratulations! And what a wonderful representation of Jefferson County.

  142. Mountain says:

    Awesome Wooden Table

  143. Thomas says:

    Wow what an old photo! Way to go ladies! Thomas |

  144. Jeff Dorhauer says:

    My great uncle passed away in May of 1930, he drowned in the Meremac at Hollywood Beach. The article from the Post Dispatch references a Club House. Does anyone know the location of this. I have found Hollywood Beach Rd but can’t determine where the club house and swimming access would have been. Thanks

  145. Janice R Muse says:

    I see that my husbands relative Josiah Muse is buried here…

  146. Lisa Hall says:

    I remember a shoe store below the post office in the late 1960’s. Does anyone know the name of it?