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  1. heather says:

    Hi, i actually wanted to ask a questio is it possible for u to find out if there was ever an accident on the road or in a house b.c i grew up in a house in arnold that was haunted by a little girl and wanted to find out who she was

  2. Mary A. Sanneman says:

    My great great Grandfather Michael Arnold was supposed to be the brother of the Mr. Arnold (Louis – maybe) who owned so much land in Arnold Missouri that supposedly that is why it was named Arnold. My Mother was a Roesch, her mother was a Naes, and her grandmother was an Arnold. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about Michael Arnold married to Margaret, Michael was born September 29, 1848 and died July 16, 1918. I would also like to know what nationality Michael Arnold was. Thank you for any information that you may give.

    • Roxana Arnold says:

      in my family History we have a Margaret Arnold and I don’t know if she was married to Michael Arnold but if you want to know for sure contact Donna Glenn at 1907 N 54o E Orem, ut 84097

    • Kay says:

      Try familysearch.org It’s free. I would also try the archives of their church.Mindy Huson at the Northwest Branch of Jefferson County Library-(636)677-8186.Good Luck on your search.

  3. Charolet cook says:

    Does anyone know the history of 2002 Lonedell Rd. Arnold as my husband and I own the property and we would like to know
    Who owned from the begging and how much property was it all together originally.

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